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What is Merchant Shares and how does it work?

 Merchant Shares is an online investment management service that has 5 investment sectors to choose from:Web Ads,FOREX, Commodities, Stocks & Crypto Coins. You can make a deposit of $20 or higher.

 Each investment or reinvestment is a minimum of $18 and you are guaranteed 150% on your investment (100% is your invested amount + 50% is your profit).

 You earn a x% every day until you reach your guaranteed 150%, at which that time your investment will expire.

 You will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day 7 days per week for Web Ads & Crypto Coins and you will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day on weekdays for Forex , Commodities & Stocks and 0.25% on weekend days. click here for further infomations

 There are no ads to click, no tasks to do — simply
– Deposit, Invest and Earn — that’s it!
– They have been faithfully processing withdrawals INSTANTLY since they first launched online in March of 2014.
– The minimum to withdraw from your investment or from your commissions is $5.
– You can compound by using your Profit Available amount or your Referral Commissions to make new investments.
– Merchant Shares has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services, with no questions asked.
– Several payment methods are accepted including: Payeer, SolidTrust Pay, Paytoo, Perfect Money , Okpay, BTC-E and Neteller. Some of these payment systems do accept Bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards and bank wires. Merchant Shares does not directly accept Bitcoins.
– Referring is not a requirement however, you can earn 5% commissions for every new deposit your referrals make. Your commissions are available for withdrawing or for making new investments after a 10 day waiting period due to fraud prevention.
– Unlike other online opportunities, Merchant Shares does not accept any referrals from a company or owner’s link and all new signups must join under another member’s link.
– There is only one level of referrals and Merchant Shares is not an MLM.
– Merchant Shares is not an HYIP or revshare that will fail or disappear with your money.
– Merchant Shares is uniquely designed for reliability, consistency, stability and long term investing.


    Why to Join Us?

Verify  Merchant Shares Authenticity

To verify the registration and listing of “Service Merchants Corp.”, please follow the link of Dominica’s Official Government website for “The Companies and Intellectual Property Office” (https://efiling.cipo.gov.dm/#/ocrs/search/service%20merchants%20corp/0) who is responsible for administering legislations, registering and keeping records in relation to Intellectual Property, Companies, Business Names and International Business Companies.

In the above given website, please enter followings details and click on search button to see our company information.
Enter Name: Service Merchants Corp.
Number: 11861
Registry: Dominica

Registering Company (Merchant Shares) in Dominica

Dominica is a offshore country. As per Dominica International Business Companies Act 1996, it provides full exemption of tax for IBC companies for 20 Years. We are registered in 2007. We are eligible to conduct business there till 2027.

To know more about taxation, just type “IBC tax in Dominica” in google search you will see many websites talking about tax exemption in dominica.

For More Informations Kindly Call/Whatsapp :0266007504 OR E-mail:kwabenap1@gmail.com


Merchant Shares Daily Profit Percentage History   merchant-shares-graph


Improve your Speaking

Welcome to our Speaking Evaluation service!
Can you speak with confidence and no errors,
using the right vocabulary ? Are you pronouncing
words correctly , can people understand you
Have you failed to achieve your target band score
before and don’t know why? Or is it your first
time, you’re nervous and have no idea what band
score would you get in your IELTS exam?
You don’t have to guess any more.
It all ends now. In less than a minute you could
have a chance to get a complete explanation of
what you’re doing right and wrong, what your
current band score is, and how you can get better
and achieve your target band.
Most people don’t really know how they can win
or lose marks in the IELTS Speaking test. Is it
better to give short answers or long answers?
What if I say something my examiner doesn’t’
like? Should I use formal language or slang?
Should I answer and stop, or keep talking until
the examiner stops me?
Get an unfair advantage on everyone else – get
your Speaking graded by our teachers. Don’t
miss this chance to improve before your real
IELTS exam. All you need to do to get their advice
on Speaking is to record yourself speaking for 2
minutes, and send the recording to them.
How Speaking Evaluation Will Help You
You will receive a complete analysis of your
speech, including:
All the erroneous sentences typed and errors
highlighted – so that you will never repeat them
An explanation why these are errors and what
the correct version is – for you to remember and
use in the real exam.
An estimated band score – for you to know
whether you’re ready to take the IELTS or more
preparation is needed.
An estimated score for every criterion IELTS
examiners use:
1. Fluency and Coherence,
2. Lexical Resource (Vocabulary),
3. Grammatical Range & Accuracy,
4. Pronunciation.
This is for you to understand your weak areas
and work on them.
An explanation why you were awarded that
particular band score for each criterion – so that
you know what exactly to work on.
Clear and practical suggestions for
improvement – so that you know what to do,
step by step.
How To Get Your Speaking Skills Evaluated
There are just 2 steps to make:
Step 1: Make a payment and you will be taken to
the Speaking Evaluation page.
Step 2: Record yourself following the instructions
on Speaking Evaluation page.
Did you expect more steps? Sorry! Told you
it’s easy.

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I recently watched Ice T’s documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, and I found it to be a very informative and entertaining piece on hip-hop. I definitely recommend that you (yes, YOU) check it out, if you haven’t seen it. I was particularly interested when they featured Eminem. Ice T and the other rappers who discussed him couldn’t have been more complimentary towards him. Ice T flat-out called Eminem one of the greatest rappers ever. Ice T and Redman were talking about him, and they were both saying that they think that one of the reasons Eminem is so good is because he is White. He knew that as a White rapper he would be facing harsher standards and scrutiny and that it would be harder for him to get accepted, so he had to make sure that he wasn’t just good, he had to be

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Q&A with Lacy Davis, health coach, blogger & vegan fitness enthusiast

Good idea

Fit and Feminist


I first met Lacy Davis several months ago, when we began messaging each other about our grand plans to put on a feminist fitness conference.  Those plans never panned out – although I still hold out hope that it will happen some day! – but I’ve continued to get to know Lacy, both on Facebook and through her excellent blog, Super Strength Health, where she writes about veganism, weight lifting, and recovery from disordered eating and self-destructive thinking.  If you aren’t reading her blog already, you should definitely fix that now.

Lacy also works as a health coach, which I think is a job that’s perfectly suited for her, as she’s an inspiring lady who works hard to help others embrace wellness and strength in their own lives.  I love that she brings an inclusive, body-positive, feminist, queer-friendly philosophy to her work, which is something I think is sorely…

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